CADIA’s Newest Workshop

Empathy in Action

Managing DEI Conversations in the Workplace


How do you deal with pushback? People who don't get it, people who are frustrated, or misunderstand? Brokering conversations around DEI can be a minefield or can be a gold mine depending on your goals and management of the conversations.

Too often, typical responses come from a place of self-righteousness, ego, or even a pat or rote response without empathy. The better response is formed through the lens of the person’s lived experience, from respect, empathy and understanding. Not to change beliefs, but to change behaviors in the workplace.


In this workshop participants will address these questions:


·       How will I talk about DEI?

·       How will I handle objections, naysayers?

·       What actions will I personally commit to?

·       How will I communicate my level of commitment?

·       How will I make space for others to participate with me?

·       What obstacles may I encounter and how will I overcome them?


Participants will address responses to questions like these:


·       I am colorblind. I don’t see race.

·       I have religious beliefs that prevent me from supporting Gay Pride at work.

·       I have had to work just as hard as everyone else to get where I am.

·       Isn’t this just reverse racism?

·       What right does a white cis-gendered male have managing DEI?

·       I feel marginalized too.


Who it’s for:  DEI champions, HR leaders and people leaders.